Pure Silicone

Pure silicone FDA regulation compliant. (Rubber articles intended for repeated use / 21 CFR 177.2600) TUSA Sport use pure silicone for the snorkel mouth-piece and mask skirt.

ClearVU Tempered Glass

ClearVu tempered glass lenses provide superior clarity, color, transmission of light and safety over standard glass.

EZ Strap and Buckle System

Allows masks to be quickly and easily adjusted with minimal effort. Allowing for a precise fit and ease of removal when necessary.

High Flow Purge

A large diameter purge valve for simple, quick clearing, reducing the amount of water remaining in the mouth-piece.

Hybrid Blade System (H.B.S.)

The patented Hybrid Blade System offers unparalleled propulsion, efficiency and power transfer in a multi-compound design. The H.B.S. is composed of incredibly stiff side rails and an ultra-responsive membrane blade giving unlimited kicking potential.

Hyperdry Elite - Dry Top

The latest innovation in dry snorkel technology utilizing an independent high buoyancy float for superior dry performance. This keeps the snorkel completely dry by quickly and efficiently closing the tube opening.

Hyperdry Semi - Dry Top

Keeps the main snorkel pipe dry by ejecting water through an independent escape pipe.

Protective Mouth-Piece Cover

Helps to maintain and extend the life of the snorkel’s mouth-piece.

Travel Friendly Blade Design

A compact blade design allows your snorkel gear to be an easy and light travel option. Giving you more flexibility when packing for your next adventure.

Mirror Lens

Stylish mirror coating. Read more