TUSA RS-670 Product Safety Notice and Recall

Important Consumer and Dealer Information
September 17th, 2009.
SUBJECT: RS-670 BLC Plug Replacement

Affected Units:
Approximately 60 units of R-600 1st stages with S/N's between:
UR600022 - UR600029
UR600031 - UR600103
UR600637 - UR600676
UR600708 - UR600716
UR600737 - UR600776

TUSA was recently informed about the possible loosening of the BLC plug on the R-600 1st stage. There is a slight chance this may cause a high-pressure leak creating an unstable intermediate pressure. Immediate return of the units is requested.

To locate the 1st stage serial number, please refer to the image below and/or to the RS-670 product box.

1) Dealers: Contact customers who have purchased RS-670 units and request return of their units to your store for inspection. TUSA has already contacted consumers who have registered their product with us.
2) All owners and dealers with RS-670 units within the above listed range are requested to return them to TUSA for replacement under warranty.
3) Contact TUSA Customer Service at 1-800-482-2282 to request a RMA# and issuance of a return freight call-tag.
4) This service is covered under warranty.

TUSA will service the affected units and return within approximately 7-10 business days after receipt.

If you have any further questions, please contact TUSA at 800-482-2282 or info@tusa.com.

Download the safety recall notice at the following link: TUSA RS-670 Safety Notice