How to Locate Product Serial Numbers

Brief examples of where to find TUSA product serial numbers 

Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Knives, Boots, Gloves, Lights:
These products are not serialized and do not require registration.  We recommend keeping your original sales receipt as proof of purchase or for future reference as necessary.

Instrument serial numbers can typically be found in three (3) places:
1) The original packaging, located on the outside of the box:

2) The caseback of the module (sticker and hot stamped):


3) Programmed in the unit.  Please refer to your product user manual on how to access and find your IQ serial number on screen:

The first (1st) and second (2nd) stage serial numbers can be registered, however, only the second (2nd) stage serial number is required.
The regulator serial number can be found in three (3) possible places:
1) The original packaging: Located on the outside of the box on a silver sticker and on a stamped warranty card insert (not all models): 

2) The second (2nd) stage case, located underneath by the exhaust tee (all models):

3) The first (1st) stage case body (all models):

Current model BCJ serial numbers can be found in two (2) possible places, each are located on a black plastic tag secured to the BCJ:
1) Behind the left-side pocket (most jacket style models):

2) Underneath the backpad velcro tab (rear inflate style models such as BCJ-6900/6910):

If you have any further questions, please contact your TUSA retailer or your regional TUSA office.